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We know that many of our customers are parents.  And as any good parent would, they want to protect their children.  They want to protect their children from others, but also from the child's own decisions.

This is why we are proud to announce a new category of products on our website:

Child Security

We offer different types of products in the Child Security category.  Some are products that we have in other categories that are great for protecting children, and some are new products that we have brought in just for this category.

If you have a small child, then you may be interested in our wireless child monitor.  Simply put a bracelet on your child and when your child gets too far away the receiver (a keychain) will beep.

If your children are a little older, then you may be more interested in where they are and what they are doing.  For these cases, a phone recorder or GPS vehicle tracker might be a better idea.

As with all of the products we offer, products in the Child Security category are of the highest quality and are sold at highly competitive prices.  All of the products come with a 1 year warranty and lifetime tech support.

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