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Introducing Our Professional Grade Infrared Camera

We are proud to introduce our new professional grade infrared camera.  This camera has 600 lines of resolution, a 5-50mm varifocal lense, and a whopping 200ft infrared illumination distance.  Simply stated it is our best infrared camera.

Great Picture Day or Night

The 600 lines of resolution on this camera give you a crisp clear picture.  The powerful infrared LEDs give you great low light and nightime viewing.  These LEDs are rated up to 200ft viewing distance.  This is by far the most powerful infrared camera we offer.

High Resolution

This camera has the highest lines of resolution that we can find on an infrared camera.  This means that you will get the best picture from any camera we can offer for any price.

Powerful Zoom

The 5-50mm lense means that you can view wide, narrow, or anywhere in between.  The two knobs on the camera allow you to easily adjust the lense to your liking.

Learn more about this camera by clicking the link below.

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