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Attempted NYC Bombing Reopens Security Camera Debates

The attempted bombing in New York City is reopening the debate over whether security cameras should be used more in the city of Boston.

In one of the world's busiest hubs, sinister images. A man removing his shirt, possibly linked to an SUV packed with explosives.
Does Boston have electronic eyes on the street?

Mayor Tom Menino: "Yes, we have a real crime center in our city, which has cameras out there, can tell us the location of the crime."
At the Real Time Crime Center, police and civilians monitor nine camera feeds from key Boston thoroughfares and intersections.
They back up a system that detects gunfire -- possible crimes in progress. Of course, crime is one thing. What about people who just look suspicious?

Menino: "I think we're ready to deal with the terrorist attacks also. "

Ed Davis/ Boston Police Commissioner: "We're paying close attention of course to what is happening in New York."

And Boston's police commissioner says his city has plenty of cameras.

Davis: "We're satisfied that the major routes are covered and there's a significant amount of public and private cameras. We maintain a partnership with a number of private agencies that have cameras. "
 In addition to Boston, Brookline, Cambridge, Chelsea, Everett, Milton, Quincy, Revere, Somerville and Winthrop have cameras and are due to get more with federal funds.
The Mass Chapter of The Civil Liberties Union has privacy concerns.
A statement says in part:  "The ACLU does not oppose video surveillance in specific sensitive locations  where it can be helpful to keep people safe or enforce the law. However...cameras covering every inch of New York City would not have stopped 9/11. We are building a net of surveillance over everyone that allows local police and federal agents to record our every movement without any oversight of how that information will be used...."
The police commissioner insists his department is being careful.

Davis: "We have a very specific policy on paying attention to things that are really suspicious and not paying attention to general movements of people."

So in Boston, the cameras are watching you just as they are in New York City. and maybe some day they'll make just as big a difference here as they did in New York. There are many who hope so.

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