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Our New DVR Pen Records in 1280 x 960 Super High Resolution

We now have DVR pens that record in 1280 x 960.  That resolution is larger than some computer monitor resolutions.  This means that the DVR pen now has an even sharper, clearer, larger picture than ever before.  This is coupled with the fact the pen records both video and audio.

The resolutions of these pens is impressive to say the least.  The older models recorded at 640 x 480 which is already quite good.  Our new pen is twice the width and twice the height for a an end result of a picture that is 4 times bigger.

Our DVR pens have always been a top seller for us. The small size, built-in rechargeable battery, and self contained style helps keep these a customer favorite.  There is nothing else to buy and the recorded video can easily be played back on your computer.

To visit our DVR pen page to learn more or place your order, click the link below.

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