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MP3 Player DVR is the Smallest Spy DVR On the Market

If you need video and audio surveillance but size is a big concern then you should definitely look at our MP3 Player DVR.  It is a fully self contained surveillance solution.  No external wires whatsoever.  The camera, battery, and DVR are all inside of what looks just like an Apple iPod.

Incredibly Small Size

This DVR is small - very small.  The dimensions of the entire DVR are 1.8 " x 1.8" x .5".  That small size has everything you need inside of it.

Record Full Motion Color Video and Great Audio

This DVR is not one of those DVRs that just takes pictures.  This DVR will take full motion fluid color video.  Video that is timedate stamped.  Video that also has in sync audio with it.  These videos are easily downloaded onto your computer.

Fully Functioning MP3 Player

Unit is fully functioning and plays standard MP3 audio files.  A press of a button switches you from listening to your favorite music to recording hidden video.

Great Price

You might expect to pay a couple hundred bucks for something with features like this.  You'll be surprised to find out that this DVR can be yours for less than $100 (at the time of writing this article).  We offer free ground shipping on any order over $75 and we only must charge tax to customers in Illinois.

Learn more about the MP3 Player DVR by clicking the link below.

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