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Hidden Cameras Help Catch Nursing Home Neglect

Williamsville, NY (WBEN)  -- The state attorney general's office says hidden camera investigations led to the arrests of eight employees at a Williamsville nursing home.

Prosecutors say with the consent of the patient's family, a hidden camera was placed inside the room at Williamsville Suburban Nursing Home. Following a seven week investigation, it was revealed staff routinely failed to properly transfer a resident in and out of a bed. "Staff was required to use a mechanical lift with the assistance of two caregivers," says the attorney general's office. "Video footage also revealed one aide failed to provide range of motion therapy and two nurses failed to administer insulin, provide skin and wound treatment, and failed to check the resident's vital signs."

Prosecutors also say the resident's medical records show employees falsified records to conceal the resident's neglect and endangerment.

Charged in the Williamsville Suburban Nursing Home case are:
●       Deborah Groth, LPN, 61, Buffalo
●       Terri Brown, LPN, 37, Buffalo
●       Leslie Thompson, CNA, 61, Buffalo
●       Tweneboa Saow, CNA, 52, Buffalo
●       Linda Banks, CNA, 54, Buffalo
●       Laquita Jones, CNA, 25, Buffalo
●       Willena Bell, CNA, 49, Buffalo
●       Diane Handley, CNA, 47, Buffalo

In a written statement, Williamsville Suburban says it was made aware of the allegations for the first time just last week. It conducted an internal investigation and found this was an isolated occurrence. The home says the resident was not harmed.

Seven of the staffers charged have been suspended, the eighth is no longer with the company, which says it has started a corrective action plan.

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