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New Lower Prices on GPS Tracking

Recently we've upgraded our main GPS Tracker.  It now has a smaller size, better battery life, and lower price.  You get more for less.

Realtime GPS Tracking At a Great Price

Our SSC-3007 has replaced our SSC-3005.  This is a better tracker for a lower price.  It is extremely accurate when tracking (less than 15 feet) and costs $80 less than the old model.  It allows you to track vehicles in realtime.  Login to your tracker from any computer with internet access.  Once logged in, you can see where your tracker is at right now or at any point since tracking began.  Tracker can easily be hidden on any vehicle.

Quick and Easy Installation

The SSC-3007 comes with a waterproof magnetic case.  The magnets are extremely small and allow the tracker to easily be placed underneath a vehicle in a hidden fashion.

Act Now

The time has never been better to order a GPS tracker.  Lower prices, better functionality, it can't be beat.  Learn more about our SSC-3007 by clicking the link below.

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