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Introducing Our New MP3 Player Hidden Camcorder

With our DVR pen being such a continual top seller, we are always looking for new, creative, self contained body worn hidden cameras.

That is why we are proud to introduce our new MP3 Player Hidden Camcorder.  It is fully self contained.  That camera, battery, and DVR are all built inside of a normal looking fully functional MP3 player.  Just supply a MicroSD card for storage (available separately).

This MP3 is fully functional and will play MP3s just like an iPod. But the huge difference is that it also will record hidden video with audio.  Video is easily downloaded to your computer for playback and archival.

The unit is quite small and looks like an iPod Shuffle.

This is a must have for any secret shopper, law enforcement agency, or police department.  MP3 players are so common that no one would suspect or even look twice at this tiny spy camera.

Learn more about it by clicking the link below.

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