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Security Cameras Capture Tornado

Oklahoma City -- Security cameras mounted in and around a Roger Mills County facility accidentally captured what storm chasers could not during Monday's EF-2 tornado in Hammon.

Four cameras were simultaneously recording different areas at the time of the tornado. The footage was dumped into a server that was retrieved late Tuesday.

Curtis Ray, with Acquire Video, went to Hammon on Tuesday looking for the cameras. When he couldn't find them, he checked the computer server for footage.

"We thought there might be a chance that we would be able to salvage or see what it looked like inside of a tornado," Ray said.

One of the camera recorded a worker leaving the barn, which was destroyed in the twister, after he received word of the approaching severe weather. Forty minutes later, the tornado leveled the building.

Another clip showed the transfer center, outside of the barn. The remaining footage was equally as impressive, showcasing the estimated 130 miles an hour winds. The video was sent to be screened by Hammon officials.

"Roger Mills County, the commissioners there were very interested in seeing the video," Ray said.

The video of the actual tornado hitting the facility was about 10 seconds long.

Ray said the cameras were destroyed in the tornado for about a $1,500 loss.

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