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THE Best Hidden Camera

If you've ever wondered what the best hidden camera out there is, then you don't have to wonder any longer.

The Guardian is The Best Hidden Camera on the Market

The SSC-433CX series is our very best hidden camera with the best combination of features, usability, and pricing.

Great Features - Including Motion Detection Recording With Nothing Else To Buy

The Guardian can easily be set to record on motion detection.  This allows you to set it and not have to worry about it for weeks.  It will automatically start recording when there is movement and stop recording when movement ceases.  It couldn't get any easier. This is a self-contained camera and you don't need anything else to start your hidden video surveillance.

Incredibly Easy To Use

It comes with step by step instructions written in English by native English-speaking technicians. The unit can easily be setup using the instructions in less than 5 minutes by anyone that can read.

Unbeatable Price

The Guardian is priced lower than other self-recording hidden cameras.  If price major concern, then you will definitely want to look into our Guardian hidden camera by clicking link below.

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