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A Video Security System Will Pay for Itself

Some people or businesses may think that a video security system is either too expensive or they simply can't afford it.  That simply is not true.  The simple fact is, the vast majority of video surveillance systems in businesses pay for themselves in a short period of time.  This is so for four simple reasons.

There Will Be Less Theft When People are On Camera

This is probably the most obvious reason for this but it is also the more most important reason to remember.  If a business has video surveillance, then employees will be much less likely to steal.  Or, even if they do still steal, they won't be willing or able to steal as much.  Either way, there is less theft.  This increases your profit and helps your bottom line.  The money saved from less theft will pay for the security system before you realize it.  Why else would every Wal-Mart be loaded with security cameras?  They have very low prices, they make a LOT of money, and they have security cameras to minimize theft.

Video Surveillance Systems Cut Your Costs

The less theft you have, the less money you lose, the more profit and capital you have available.  It is really quite simple when you think about it.  It is estimated by study groups that internal theft from businesses cost then between 1 and 5% (varying on industry).  If you could cut your costs by even 1%, it will quickly add up.  If you can cut your costs by 5%, it will add up extremely fast.

Video Surveillance Systems Increase Profits

If you own a restaurant, then you need a video surveillance system.  One of the top reasons that restaurants fail is because of employee theft or giving away free food and drinks to friends and family.  Each time they give away something or take something they're not supposed to, that costs the restaurant money.  Employees will think twice before giving a 5 finger discount if they know that they are being recorded on video.

If You Prevent One Break In, The System Pays for Itself

We hear stories every single day about someone breaking in and stealing something.  They tell us stories about how $20,000 in equipment was stolen.  These are losses that could have been prevented by installing a $700 security system.

You may think that you can't afford a security system.  We think that you can't afford not to.

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