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Hospital Guards To Wear Security Cameras

Security guards at three hospitals in the Humber region are to wear shoulder-mounted cameras in a bid to reduce violence against staff and patients.

The devices will be used at Scunthorpe General, Goole and Grimsby's Diana, Princess of Wales hospitals.

It is hoped they will deter anti-social behaviour and provide evidence for prosecutions against offenders.

Officers wearing the equipment will wear high-visibility green armbands so they can be identified.

Northern Lincolnshire and Goole Hospital NHS Foundation Trust said its security contractor, ISS Mediclean, had invested £12,500 in the camera technology and new uniforms for its staff.

Jug Johal, the trust's head of security, said: "We believe that the use of body camera technology will help act as a deterrent which in turn will help to reduce incidents of violence, aggression and acts of anti-social behaviour.

"They will also support police and NHS prosecutions against those who commit crimes against trust staff, property, patients and visitors."

The cameras record digital images in the same way as traditional CCTV systems and also record sound.

Officers using the devices will provide people with a verbal warning that their behaviour is unacceptable and of their intention to record it.

"When officers respond to situations wearing the new body cameras, it is hoped the idea of having your actions captured both visually and by sound will defuse a situation without any further escalation," said Mr Johal.

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