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Portable Self Contained DVR Can Be Used Anywhere

Sometimes there are products that are so versatile and can be used anywhere that they are hard to put into a category.  Our SSC-758 is one of those products.

It can be used for just about anything and in countless applications and situations, indoors and outdoor.  Click here for the outdoor versions on this DVR. It can be plugged in for continuous use or connected to batteries (not included) for remote use.  It can also be connected to any 12V DC power source (batteries, solar panels, vehicle power).

Here are just some of the applications customers have told us about:
  • DUI vehicle video recording
  • Vending machine surveillance
  • Hidden camera recording
  • Airport shuttle surveillance
  • Taxicab surveillance
  • School bus surveillance
  • And countless more
The DVR is extremely small in size and records video to an SD card (up to 32Gb). Video is played back on a TV, VCR, or computer using the included accessories.

The SSC-758 records full motion video.  This video is extremely smooth, fluid, and of a high quality.  DVR produces crisp, clear, color video.

DVR has different recording options to choose from:
  • Motion detection recording - only record when motion is happening
  • Continuous recording - record whenever power is supplied to DVR
  • Schedule recording - record from 8am - 5pm, etc.
  • Any mixture of the above
Learn more about the SSC-758 by clicking the link below.

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