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Twitter Followers are Snowballing

It is the viral nature of social networking sites.

The more exposure you get, the more exposure you get.  When someone likes something, they forward it to their friends, and they forward it to their friends, etc.

This is exactly what has happened on our Twitter page.

Our number of Twitter followers has more than doubled in the last month.  As of the time of writing of this article, we have have over 3200 followers.  We are now adding over 100 followers per day, with that number increasing all of the time.

We think that people follow us on Twitter for one main reason - to easily keep tabs on our products, business, and specials.  If we have a special, we post it on Twitter.  If we have a new product, we post it on Twitter.  People are on Twitter anyway, and this allows them to easily keep track of us and our organization.

Visit our Twitter Page: http://twitter.com/advancesecurity

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