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New Exclusive Discounts For Advance Security Facebook Fans

Starting tomorrow, we will be offering exclusive discounts to Advance Security Facebook fans.

You can visit our Facebook page and become a fan by clicking here.

How It Works

From time to time (we're aiming for weekly), we will send a message to all of our Facebook fans with a coupon code and instructions how to use it.  This coupon will save you a minimum of $10.  They will vary as time goes on, but they'll be worth at least $10.  All you need to do is become a Facebook fan of Advance Security and you can receive $10 off of your purchases.

Spend 10 Seconds and Save $10

Most people these days are on Facebook.  Most people check it several times a day whether at school or at work.  You can easily become a Facebook Fan of Advance Security is a matter of seconds.  Those few seconds will save you $10 off of your next purchase.  It couldn't be much easy.

Become a Fan Today to Save Money

In these tough economic times, people are trying to cut corners.  What easier way than to save $10 than to take a moment and become a Facebook Fan.

Visit our Facebook Page today to become a fan and save $10 off of your next purchase..

Facebook Page: http://www.facebook.com/AdvanceSec

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