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5 Additional Victims Named in Dentist Hidden Camera Case

TYLER, TX (KLTV) – Dr. Charles Robinson was rearrested Thursday night on seven additional charges. Investigators have discovered five more victims, and believe there may be more out there.

According to indictments released today, Robinson allegedly recorded five other people using the hidden cameras. Authorities say all the victims were recorded in the same home.

Robinson had already been charged with possession of child pornography and improper visual recording. In the indictments released today, were an additional five counts of improper visual recording, making a total of 7, and two counts of burglary of a habitation.

Jennifer Barnes, a neighbor of several of the victims, calls the new developments "even more unsettling."

It is possible that Robinson could still face even more charges, as investigators are still sifting through evidence on his computer.

"It's just really gross and creepy," states Barnes. "I can't imagine how angry they are right now." Barnes hopes her neighbors and the other victims find the justice she says they deserve.

Bruce Craig, the attorney of two of the victims, released this statement:

"My clients are aware that Dr. Robinson has been re-arrested on new charges which carry a significantly higher bond. The fact that the evidence has led to the discovery of additional victims is very painful to them."

Source: KSLA news

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