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Cameras in Trains Help Prevent Robberies

Better security is being rolled out on passenger trains with the introduction of CCTV on Wharfedale Line services.

Northern Rail is installing security cameras in the carriages of its Class 333 trains, in a bid to protect against crime and reassure passengers.

The company, which operates all services connecting Ilkley, Burley-in-Wharfedale, Menston and Guiseley to Leeds and Bradford, is fitting the cameras in the carriages of its Class 333 electric trains.

Crime on local train services remains low, but a rail commuters’ group hopes the introduction of CCTV cameras will offer greater safety and reassurance to people who travel on local trains.

Secretary of Wharfedale Rail Users’ Group (WRUG), Peter Johnson, says the group welcomes the cameras on trains, but would like to see better security measures in stations on the line.

He said: “Although the level of petty vandalism and offences against the person are very low in Wharfedale, anything that improves the actual security situation and the perception of security for those who travel on trains must be welcomed.”

However, WRUG would also like to see improvements to security measures in stations on the Wharfedale Line.

Although most stations have CCTV cameras, Mr Johnson says the group would like all stations to have closely monitored CCTV in all of them, and other improvements to security measures.

“Our long-term aim would be to have secure waiting areas, preferably a proper waiting room with CCTV, and an emergency help point in the same area.”

There have been doubts expressed about the CCTV coverage presently available in some stations too. A recent British Transport Police Airedale and Wharfedale Partners and Community Together (PACT) meeting heard that there were not enough cameras in Ilkley Station to get close-up images in some parts of the building.

The issue was raised in the wake of a robbery in Ilkley.

An Airedale and Wharfedale PACT meeting also heard that officers had arrested a man at Ilkley Station who was alleged to have been dealing methadone.

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