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Wireless Cameras The Easy Way

If you are wanting wireless surveillance cameras in your home or business but are tired of the interference and reception problems, then we have the solution you have been wanting.

Wireless Cameras - The Easy Way

Simply use one of our Wireless IP Video Servers and a camera of your choice and your computer will be turned into a DVR.  The Wireless IP server uses your wireless internet connection to transmit video to your computer.  It works WITH your wireless internet.  It does not fight for the same airspace.

Use Your Wireless Internet

The Wireless IP Server connects to your wireless internet at your home or business.  Most homes and businesses already have it.  Once it connects to your WIFI, then you can easily set it up to view on your computer. Using the software you can also have your computer record on motion detection.  Using our system, you can use up to 64 wireless IP servers over your existing network.

Motion Detection Recording Onto Your Computer

The deluxe software allows you to easily record from any or all cameras on motion detection.  This makes playback much easier as it you can set it to only record when there is something happening.

Installs Quickly and Easily

Simply tell IP server which wireless network to connect to.  Plug in the server and camera for power, and you are good to go.  No complicated settings or channels to change on the transmitter and receiver.  Remember, it works with your wifi, not against it.

Learn more about our Wireless IP Video server by clicking the link below.

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