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Spy Camera Leads to Arrest

A spy camera video of a man ransacking a cabin earlier this year in the Upper Clyde area has resulted in charges of break and enter and possession of stolen property for a former Shelburne County man.

The six minute and 17 second video making the rounds on Facebook and YouTube shows a heavyset man entering a cabin who carefully puts on gloves and searches the cupboards and floors, collects items on a counter and leaves with the loot, returning once to pick up one last item.

Barrington RCMP Sgt. Bob Forbes says it took police some time to identify the suspect.

“We didn’t know him,” he said. “But it is certainly good evidence.”

Todd Bryan Goulden, 47, of Yarmouth, was arraigned Thursday, Sept. 23 in Barrington Provincial Court on three charges of break and enter and another three charges of possession of stolen property in the case. The allegations have not been proven in court.

Sgt. Forbes believes the fact that camp owners are willing to go extra steps to protect their property could be a deterrent against future break ins.

While the spy camera video is an important part of the evidence in the case, he says police also recovered several stolen items during the investigation.

Since being posted on the Internet, the video has been receiving lots of comments and is being shared rapidly.

Camp owner Gary Goreham, of Pubnico, said his Upper Clyde River camp, like many in the area, was being broken into on an almost annual basis. Several times items had been stolen and during one earlier break-in the camp’s kitchen was vandalized

“I figured ‘enough is enough,’” said Goreham and the camp owner set up a spy camera at a cost of about $200.

“It was worth it to me and it may be worth it to others,” said Goreham. “It paid for itself.”

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