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Spy Cameras Help Catch Pig

A 105kg feral pig which has been causing headaches for landowners has been caught using remote camera technology.

Cumberland Livestock Health and Pest Authority ranger Ben Serafin said cameras were used to determine the pig’s movements and assisted with its capture at Mardi.

“Locals told us that there had been attempts to trap the pig in the past without success. Once we knew the pig was coming in to feed regularly, we slowly introduced the panels of the trap one at a time,” Mr Serafin said.

“The cameras allowed us to gauge the pig’s reaction to the panels.”

The pig had been known to residents of Mardi for some time and had consistently caused damage to paddocks by rooting up the soil in search for food.

“Most recently it took a liking to a residents vehicle, using it as a scratching board,” Mr Serafin said.

National Parks and Wildlife Service staff helped in the animal’s capture.

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