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Spy Car Targets Illegal Drivers

A new mobile spy camera is being deployed in Plymouth to catch people using mobile phones when they are driving.

The Toyota Aygo has a roof-mounted camera which can be raised or lowered periscope-style.

Devon and Cornwall Safety Camera Partnership, which operates static camera sites, is operating the mobile camera for a three-month trial.

The move follows reports of an increase in UK drivers using mobile phones.

The Aygo follows a similar initiative which began in Manchester in April.

Jumping red lights

Motorists caught using their mobiles on the move can expect a fixed penalty fine of £60 and three points on their licence.

The Aygo's cameras, operated by a police traffic officer, will also be looking out for drivers jumping red lights, speeding, driving in bus lanes, wearing no seatbelts and parking illegally.

Natalie Hatswell of Devon and Cornwall Safety Camera Partnership describes the "spy car"

Devon and Cornwall Safety Camera Partnership says the Aygo is in response to "community concerns".

Spokeswoman Natalie Hatswell said: "It's not money making.

"Hopefully people will recognise it and we can cut down on the type of behaviour that is annoying a lot of people."

The small car, unmarked apart from safety camera partnership stickers on the doors, will be operated around the city.

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