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View Your Home Over The Internet Using Your Computer

These days, most people are concerned with what is happening at their home or business while they are away.  You can combat this is a few different ways.  One of them is to record video, and the another is to be able to view live what happens through your computer from anywhere else in the world.  Our DVR cards can do both in one simple and elegant solution.

A DVR Card is the Answer

Purchase on a our DVR Cards, install it in your desktop computer, connect your cameras, and you are good to go.  You'll be able to view, record, and view your cameras remotely over the internet using our DVR card.

View Over the Internet

The software that comes with the DVR card has a built-in web camera server.  This allows you to be able to view your cameras remotely over the internet from anywhere else in the world using your broadband internet connection. You can view live and recorded footage easily on any computer.

Set It To Record On Motion Detection 

The software also allows you to record only on motion detection.  Don't waste time viewing endless hours of recorded footage when you can easily set it to only record on motion detection.

Learn more about our DVR card today.

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