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Our Most Versatile DVR

If you are looking for an incredibly versatile DVR with great features at a great price, then we have the DVR for you.  Our SSC-758 is the most versatile DVR you will find.

Incredibly Versatile

This DVR's small size and functionality makes it useful for countless applications.
  • Portable
  • Hidden covert
  • Battery operated remote uses
  • Vehicle installations
We are constantly surprised by the uses that our customers come up with.  They are able to come up with amazing uses because of the features this DVR offers.

Great Features

The features on this DVR are really what make it great.  You can record all the time, on motion detection, on a schedule, or automatically whenever power is supplied.

The DVR can be powered off of the included AC power supply, batteries (available separately), vehicle power, solar power (sold separately), and more.

Learn more about the DVR by clicking here.

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