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View Our DVRs Over the Internet From PC or Mac Computers

Finally, a solution for Mac users. It is no secret that Mac users sometimes have trouble with compatibility.  While we have very little control over other industries, Mac users will no longer have trouble with internet viewing of security DVRs.  Our line of deluxe embedded DVRs is cross platform and cross browser compatible.  With our security DVR, you can view your home or business over the internet from anywhere else in the world using a PC or Mac computer.

Fully Cross Browser Technology

No ActiveX controls here. Our internet viewing on the DVRs uses Java and Quicktime.  These programs are readily available on both Window computers and Macs. The Mac user has nothing to worry about.  They will able to view their cameras online the same as any other user.

View on PC or Mac

Whether you have a PC or Mac computer, there is no need to worry.  Our remote viewing software works on both PC and Mac computers.  Rest assured that if you're a Mac user you won't be missing anything.

Available in 4, 8, and 16 Channel Models

No matter whether you have 2, 10, or 16 cameras, we have a Mac compatible DVR for you.  All of the DVRs operate the same have the same interface.  They only differ in the number of channels they support.  They are all realtime 30fps per channel DVRs.  They come with hard drives included.  All you have to do is plug it in and turn it on.

Learn more about our Mac compatible DVRs below by clicking on the individual product link.

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