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Check Out Our New Line of Outdoor Weatherproof DVRs

Due to customer demand, we have a developed a new line of DVRs that are weatherproof and ready to be used outdoors or indoors.  These DVRs come complete with a camera. If you need outdoor surveillance, you have found the right place.

Everything Included

Both the DVR and the camera is included.  All you have to do it set it and forget it to begin your surveillance.  No complicated setup or additional purchases required.

Record Only On Motion or Continuously

Our DVRs have the ability to record nonstop (continuously) or on motion detection.  Most customers prefer to use the motion detection because it will only record when something is taking place.  This greatly reduces how quickly your memory is used and the amount of time needed for playback of recorded information.

Learn more about our outdoor weatherproof DVRs today.

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