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Talk To Real Live English Speaking People When You Call

One of the areas that we feel we distinguish ourselves from our competitors is our support before, during, and after the sale.

Talk To a Real Person

Give us a call during business hours and your call will be answered by a live human being.  We do not have telephone menus where you will have to press eight different buttons to speak to someone.  A live person will answer you call.

Easily Understand The Person You Are Talking To 

We are based in Southwestern Illinois in the Midwest of The United States Of America.  You are not calling a foreign country or a call center.  When you call, you are calling the exact place our products are built, tested, and shipped from, and you're talking to the people that build them. We speak English fluently as our first and primary language and you will be able to understand us.

Knowledgeable Phone Staff

We do not have screen prompts telling us the exact words to say for your problem that we just read off of the screen.  The people you talk with on the phone are the same people that actually use the products.  We make it a point to have our staff be experienced with hand on time using our products.  We feel this is the best way to sell and support products.

Call Toll Free 866-720-0779

Why should you have to pay to cal us?  We have a toll free phone number so you could easily call from home, work, or cell.

We hope you consider us for your future security and surveillance purchases.

Real Customer Feedback