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Run 4 Video Signals Over 1 Cat 5 Cable Using Our Baluns

If you are trying to reduce the number of cables you need for your security camera installation, you should consider our video baluns. Baluns convert your normal video signal from security cameras into a signal that can be sent over standard Cat 5 cable.  Because Cat 5 cable consists of 4 pairs of wires, you can run 4 different video signals over a single Cat 5 cable.

Easier Installation

Because you can run 4 signals through one cable, there are less cables needed. This lessens the cost, time, and work required for the installation of your surveillance cameras.

Drill Fewer Holes

You will have 1/4 as many cables if you use the video baluns and run 4 video signals per cable.  This means you will drill only a fraction of the holes you would have to drill otherwise.

Use Standard Off The Shelf Cat 5 Cable

Cat 5 cable is available at virtually any store.  You can find it at Walmart, Home Depot, Radio Shack, etc.  It is very freely available.  You will not have to special order any cable because the cable you need is available almost anywhere.

Learn more about our video baluns today.

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