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Wireless PTZ Cameras

Finally, Affordable Wireless PTZ Cameras

We are proud to be able to offer affordable wireless PTZ cameras.  In the past, turning high quality PTZ cameras into wireless PTZ cameras was both difficult and expensive.  But now, that is no longer the case.  Using any of our PTZ cameras and our IP video transmitter you can have a high quality wireless PTZ camera.

Easy Installation

All you have to do is connect one of ptz cameras to our IP video transmitter.  Then you place the two of them somewhere in your Wifi (wireless internet) area.  Most businesses and homes have Wifi these days, so it is not hard at all to do this.  Then, from any computer on the internet, you can view, control, and record from the camera.  It couldn't get any easier.

No Wireless Interference

Unlike most wireless transmitters that compete for airspace with other 2.4Ghz devices, our IP transmitter works WITH your wireless internet.  This means that you have absolutely no interference issues to worry about.  You can get a good signal for your PTZ camera anywhere in your wireless internet coverage area.

View, Control, and Record From Your Wireless PTZ Camera From Any Computer

There is no special DVR or hardware needed to work with your wireless PTZ camera.  Any computer on the internet can view, control, and record from your wireless PTZ camera.

Use Up To 16 Wireless PTZ Cameras

Our advanced software and technology allows you to use up to 16 wireless PTZ cameras.  These can be all in the same building or spread out around the world.  If your business has multiple locations and you want PTZ cameras in all of them, you can easily setup our wireless PTZ cameras at each location.  You can view all your cameras on one screen and control whichever one you wish.

Learn more about our wireless PTZ cameras and IP video transmitters today!

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