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Wireless Cameras Without Interference

We are proud to offer you our new line of interference free transmitters.  No longer will you have to worry about interference with your wireless cameras.  You can easily hook up our new IP wireless transmitter to any normal security or surveillance camera.  Using your own Wifi (wireless internet) service, it transmits crystal clear video to anywhere in your wifi coverage.  It utilizes your wireless internet instead of fighting it.

Send Your Video Wirelessly Without Any Worry Of Interference

Our wireless IP transmitter uses your wireless internet to send your video signal.  Most wireless transmitters fight and compete with wireless routers to push their signal through.  Our wireless IP transmitters works WITH your wireless router to send the video signal.

Just Connect The Transmitter To Any Camera

Usage couldn't be any easier.  All you do is connect your security camera to our wireless IP transmitter and place it ANYWHERE in your Wifi coverage.  Many homes and businesses have wireless internet already.  If you already have wireless internet, then you can easily use up to 16 wireless cameras without any problems of interference.

Use Your Computer For Viewing and Recording - No Other Purchase Needed

Any computer on the internet can view your camera (password protected, of course). There is no need to purchase a DVR card or embedded DVR.  The IP transmitter does it all.  Once you have a camera and the IP transmitter, there is nothing else to buy.  Whatever computer you are using the access the camera is capable of both viewing and recording.

Click here to find out more about our wireless IP transmitter and how it can help you have wireless cameras without any worries of interference.

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