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Siamese Cable Runs Power And Video In One Cable

If you're looking for the highest quality cable for your security cameras, then we have the cable for you.  Our siamese cable has both power and video running through the same cable.  For video, we use RG59, and for power, we use 18/2.  This means for each camera you have to use one cable.  Learn more below.

Power And Video In One Cable

Our siamese cable runs power and video in the same cable.  This means you only have to one run cable between each security camera and your dvr. Installation with siamese cable is quicker, easier, and cheaper than running power and video separately.

No Need For Local Power - Power the Camera From the DVR Location

Because our siamese cable sends power through a single cable, there is no need for local power at the location of the security camera.  The camera is powered from where the DVR is at.  This in itself saves money because you do not have to pay an electrician to add power to the camera location.  Our siamese cable comes in lengths up to 1000ft.  This means you can have your camera up to 1000ft from where the power is at.

Smaller Holes For Drilling

Siamese cable comes with BNC twist on ends.  These are quite easy to attach, but do not come attached.  Without the cable ends on, you can drill much smaller holes for your cable.

Different Siamese Cable Options Available

We have 3 different options for purchasing siamese cable:
  1. 1000ft or 500ft cable rolls
  2. Premade cuts up to 250ft
  3. Custom cuts of any length up to 250Ft
You will find links for all 3 options below.

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