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Are you looking for a spy camera?  Maybe you need to do some investigative work of your own.  It could be a spouse, a child, something at work, or any other number of things.  Or maybe you just want a cool spy camera gadget to impress and show off to your friends.  Whether you're looking for a spy camera for an important reason or just for the fun of it, we have exactly what you need.

Hidden DVR Pen Spy Camera

The DVR pen is our most popular spy camera.  It is fully self contained and records both color video and audio.  All you have to do is press a single hidden button on the pen to begin your video surveillance.  It then connects to your computer to playback the recorded video.  There are no external wires or batteries - everything is hidden inside of the pen.  It even writes! No one will ever suspect that this normal pen is a high quality spy camera.

Click here to learn more about our DVR Pen.

Watch DVR Pen Spy Camera

The watch DVR camera has a hidden camera built inside of a fully functional attractive watch.  Simply put the watch on, and begin your surveillance.  The watch records color video and clear audio.  Perfect for any undercover operation where you need to record but don't want people to know you're recording.

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Car Remote Key Chain Spy Camera

One of our coolest products is the car remote key chain DVR.  This very normal looking car remote (the kind of remote that would lock or unlock your doors) is a hidden spy camcorder.  Just press a button, and it will begin recording clear color video and audio.  You can start it recording and easily set it somewhere unattended to continue recording.  Because it looks so normal is draws no attention and no one would ever guess it is a hidden camera.

Click here to learn more about our Car Remote Keychain DVR.

As you can see we have many different spy cameras available at a very affordable price.  We have many more than this available.  Feel free to browse the website or give us a call toll free at 866-720-0779 to find the right spy camera for you.

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