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Economical Infrared Camera Great For Surveillance on a Budget

Surveillance on a Budget

If you're looking for a nice security camera but money is a little tight, take a look at our Color Infrared Camera.  If gives you a great color picture in the daylight, and when it gets dark, the infrared LEDs automatically turn on giving you a nice low light picture.

Easy Installation

All you have to do is mount the camera using a few included screws, run cable to your DVR or DVR Card, and you're good to do.  You can easily get this camera, a cable,  and a great DVR card for less then $250.

Many Different Uses

This camera is fully weatherproof and ready to be outside and exposed to the elements.  Wind, rain, snow, heat, cold - it can take it all.  Because of the durability of the camera, you can put it just about anywhere - indoors or out. 

Some of the more common uses include
  • Home surveillance
  • Business surveillance
  • Parking lots
  • Garages
  • Yard surveillance
  • Access control
  • And almost anything else you can think of
If you don't think this camera is right for you, then don't forget we offer a full line of many different types of security cameras and infrared cameras.

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