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Surveillance Cameras Keep Malls Safe

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Springdale Police completed a mission set before them by the Department of Homeland Security.

"After 9/11 the department started ‘soft targets’ within the country and one of those were large shopping malls with more than a million square feet," explained Lieutenant Mike Mathis. of the Springdale Police Department.

The department received a $50,000 grant to install the cameras and have since completed a "closed system" with fiber optic lines that feed pictures directly to the police department.

The cameras are located at the entrances and exits of the Tri-County Mall.

"I think it's a really good idea,"' said Amy Gregory, of Covington.

Gregory told 9News that she and her friends shop often at the Tri-County Mall.

"I think anything that is going to make the mall safer and discourage crime is a good thing," continued Gregory.

Mathis explained that several suspects have also been arrested based on information obtained through the new security cameras.

Police were able to determine that a man's claim that he was robbed at gunpoint near the mall was false based on surveillance pictures.

Police have also arrested suspects who allegedly stole thousands of dollars in clothes.

Mathis also hopes that shoppers support the effort, rather than fear for their privacy.

"We don't' want people to think about ‘Big Brother.’ I know there's security and privacy concerns with this," said Mathis.  “We don't sit here and watch this all day long. I mean, we have better things to do.”

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The most common types of cameras found in malls and other retail establishments are ptz cameras and security cameras.

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