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Security DVR Protects Your Home and Business

Why You Need A Security DVR

There are customer desires that we hear multiple times every single day:
  1. "I want to know what's happening at my home/business when I'm not there"
  2. "If a crime is committed, I need video proof of it happening"
A security DVR and security cameras take care of both of these issues.

Find Out What is Happening When You're Not There

One of the best selling features of security DVRs is the remote internet viewing.  The internet viewing allows you to view your DVR and security cameras from anywhere else in the world over the internet.  It doesn't require any additional services from your ISP or internet provider.  Simply connect your DVR up to your high speed internet connection (cable, DSL, etc) and you're done.  You can now view the DVR's live and recorded footage from anywhere else in the world.

Have Solid Video Proof In Case a Crime is Committed

One of the worst situations to be put in is having your word against someone else's.  You say something was stolen and that individual says he or she didn't take it.  Never be put in that situation again.  The security DVRs can record from up to 16 cameras.  They can record nonstop or on motion detection.  Most customers choose motion detection recording so it will only record when there is some sort of activity going on.  If something bad ever happens, you can easily put the recorded footage on a USB thumb drive or flash drive and give it to the proper authorities.

We have an extensive collection of DVRs and Cameras in stock that can be accessed using the following links:

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