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Our DVR Card Can Be Branded With Your Logo for Resale

If you are a reseller looking to sell DVR cards, then you should consider ours.  Our DVR cards have something very special about them.  We can put your business name or logo into the software.  This helps you get repeat business and help the professionalism of your products.

Simply call to place your order, and let us know that you would like your software branded and the company name you would like it branded with.  We do this absolutely free of charge as service to our customers.  We can also blind dropship free of charge the cards in your name as well.

Our DVR cards are already color, realtime (30fps per channel), internet ready, and chock-full of other features at an affordable price.  The cards stand on their own very well.  When you consider the fact that we can brand them with your company name or logo, they quickly become a deal that can't be beat.

We offer our DVR cards in a video only and a video and audio capability.

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