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Man Steals Security Camera While Being Recorded On Another Camera

You can't blame a guy for trying.  This story out today from Virginia.
A professional fisherman who used a fishing line to steal a security camera from Wollongong's Crown St Mall became the catch of the day when he was nabbed by police.

Alfonso Lavalle, 48, stole a $3500 closed circuit television security camera using a fishing line and rope - and a nearby security camera caught all the action.

Lavalle, of Ellengowan Cres, Fairy Meadow, pleaded guilty to stealing the camera on July 5 last year and this week was given a suspended jail sentence.

Wollongong Local Court heard Lavalle was captured on camera walking through Globe Lane at 3.32am.

"As he walked through he looked up at a camera known as Camera 7 mounted on a pole in the lane," the police facts said.

Lavalle returned two hours later and was filmed throwing a fishing line with a weight over the camera about 4m from the ground.

"When this was in place Lavalle pulled a rope attached to the fishing line over the camera and pulled the fixture down to him," police said.

He disconnected the camera and was last seen walking towards Burelli St, the court heard.

Lavalle was arrested after police viewed the footage.

When interviewed, he told police that in the previous year he had experienced periods of drinking and substance abuse and "didn't remember much".

Magistrate Robert Rabbidge took into account Lavalle's long criminal record when he sentenced him to six months' jail which was suspended on the condition he enter a bond to be of good behavior.

He has been ordered to repay the cost of the camera. 

Original story here.

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