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Record Phone Calls

If you're looking for an easy way to record phone calls then look no further. Our phone recorders can do so with easy.

Easy Installation

Installation is quite easy and shouldn't take more than 5 minutes.  Just connect the recorder to ANY wall jack on the line you want to record.  Many people prefer to use an unused jack in a spare bedroom, basement, or garage to keep it covert.  The recorder is around the size of a pack of gum.

Record Both Sides of the Conversation From ALL The Phones In Your House With One Recorder

Once connected to your phone line, the recorder will be able to record both sides of the conversation, from all the phones on that line, on both inbound and outbound calls. One recorder is all you need, no matter how many phones in your house.  Works with cordless phones, too.

Automatically Record Whenever The Phone Is In Use

Most of our customers prefer to use the voice activation feature of the recorder.  The voice activation allows it to record only when the line is in use.  It will automatically start recording when a call is made or received, and stop recording when the call is complete.  You won't have to listen to hours of nothing just to get to the important calls.

Easy Playback of Recorded Audio

Recorded audio can be played back on recorder itself using the built-in speaker, using the included earbuds for more privacy, or on your computer.  All of the equipment needed for recording, playback, and downloading to a computer is included.

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