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Another High School Getting Over 50 Security Cameras

This story out today

PEABODY — Smile, Peabody High students, you're on candid camera. Or at least you will be this fall.

More than 50 cameras will be installed across campus and are expected to be ready by the time classes resume Aug. 31, Principal Edward Sapienza said.

He will meet with vendors this week to discuss the installation.

The high school currently has three cameras, and Sapienza — and a handful of administrators — can view live footage from their office computers or move a camera to another angle.

Sapienza said the cameras will help with security throughout the building and deter students from bad behavior like vandalism.

"It's just in keeping with the times," the principal said. "It's a very large building. There are a lot of egresses in and out."

He said he has fewer staff to monitor students these days, and they can't be everywhere at the same time.

"This will give us a little more visibility," Sapienza said.

He also foresees being able to buzz in visitors after hours with the help of the cameras or keeping an eye on students who congregate in the main lobby after school.

Funds for the installation will come from the district's capital improvement budget. He estimated the cost at $50,000.

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Typically, schools are very fond of dome cameras and ptz cameras.

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