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Spy Microphone Hears Audio Up To 15 Feet Away

Deluxe Spy Microphone

This microphone is so small that it is easily hidden almost anywhere.  The tip of the microphone is 1/8" and can pick up normal room conversations from up to 15 feet away.  Connect the microphone to any recording device to hear or record the sound.

Small Size Makes It Easily Hidden

The microphone is so small that you can hide it virtually anywhere.  The microphone is amplified and produces high quality audio from up to 15 feet away.  This microphone is most often used with body worn DVRs or standalone DVRs.

Great for Body Wear or Permanent Installations

The microphone is extremely versatile and can be used with one of our body worn dvrs or with our standalone DVRs.  You can also connect it to a stereo, amplifier, TV, VCR, etc.  It will connect to anything with an RCA or BNC jack.

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