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Alabama Elementary School Getting Surveillance Cameras

Cameras in schools are becoming more and more commonplace in our post-Columbine world.  Schools are trying harder and harder to protect the children that they are responsible for.

This story out yesterday from Cullman, AL----

Some security upgrades are on the way for Cullman county elementary schools.

Cullman District Judge Kim Chaney recently awarded the county school system with a $28,000 grant from the Cullman Partnership for Children, which will be used to install security cameras in the offices of county elementary schools.

Chaney said the grant gave the partnership a chance to help a cause that will create a safer learning environment for local school children.

“You can have issues with making sure children won’t be taken, or with parents or children getting into a fuss,” he said. “We try to touch as many children as possible with our grant award, and we think this will utilize the funds to the maximum benefit of children in the community.”

Cullman County Board of Education Superintendent Hank Allen said the grant will address a need that has existed for some time.

“These funds will be used for security cameras at the elementary schools,” he said. “Specifically, the need is to have a camera in the office when parents check out students. This way, we can have video evidence of the person who checked out the student.”

By current estimates, the grant should be able to fund security cameras at every elementary school.

Allen said the current plan is to have the cameras installed and operational before the start of the 2009-2010 school year.

Chaney said he was glad the partnership was able to provide the funds.

“We decided we wanted to help all of those elementary kids and we were pleased to be able to provide the board of education with that check,” he said. “We try to apply all our grants to the benefit of the children.”

Allen said the board of education has wanted to make the upgrades for a while, but had to wait until funding became available.

“We’ve had this lined up for a little over a year,” he said. “We’ve just been trying to secure the funds to do this.”

The Cullman Partnership for Children stems from the Children’s Policy Council of Cullman County.

“The group is required to get local professionals together who deal with children’s issues,” Chaney said. “We identify threats to children in the community as to health, safety, education and families.”

Schools seem particularly fond of dome cameras, infrared cameras, and ptz cameras.

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