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GPS Tracker Easily Tracks Vehicles Covertly

If you're looking to find out where a vehicle is or where it has been, then you definitely need a gps tracker.

Find Out Where a Vehicle Is Or Has Been

Our real time gps tracker tracks a vehicle's location.  Being a realtime tracker, if you want to know where the vehicle is right now (anywhere in the country), you can do it.  It also has a log feature, allowing you to find out where it was last Tuesday at noon, or last night at 11pm.

View Locations Over The Internet

To view the tracker locations, you will simply log onto our tracker website.  Enter your username and password, and you're in business.  View the current live location as well as the location logs quickly and easily.

Installs in Less Than 5 Minutes

The tracker comes with a weatherproof case with high power magnets.  This allows quick and easy installation under a vehicle, in the trunk, under the hood, under a seat, or any other number of areas.  The high power magnets ensure that it stays safely and securely on the vehicle.

Tons of Uses

There are countless uses and applications for a GPS tracker like this.  Tracking a spouse, a child, an employee, a business truck, and more.  Because the tracker is battery operated, it can easily be moved from vehicle to vehicle and does not have to be permanently installed.

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