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Hidden DVR Pen Is Fully Portable and Has Video and Audio Recording

One of our top selling products is our DVR Pen.

Our DVR Pen is a fully self contained hidden camera.  That means that there are absolutely zero wires coming out of it and no external recording devices needed.  If you order the DVR pen, that is all you need to order.

The DVR pen is a fully functional pen.  It looks and writes just like a normal pen.  But make no mistake, it is much more than a normal pen.  With the single push of a hidden button, it records color video and audio.

Recorded video plays back on your computer.  The pen unscrews in the middle to expose a USB port that connects to your computer.

The ease of use and low price makes this ideal for so many people.  Secret shoppers, insurance people, undercover police officers, spousal disputes, and more.

This hidden camera is the ultimate DVR.  It quickly and effortlessly records video and audio.

Learn more about our DVR Pen.

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