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Secretly Listen To Your Home or Business While You Are Away

If you have ever wanted or needed to hear what was being said while you are away - your search is over.

Our room monitor lets you use your phone line to listen live to your home or business.

Just Dial Into It

The room monitor connects to a normal phone line.  This can be an existing line you already have or you can use a new dedicated phone line if you wish.  The room monitor connects to the phone line, and then you simply dial that phone line's number from anywhere else in the world.  The room monitor's built-in microphone will let you hear exactly what is being said.

Protect Yourself

Whoever said that word's can hurt you flat out lied.  People will do just about anything to get what they want.  They will lie, cheat, and steal.  The room monitor helps you protect yourself by you being able to hear exactly what is being said when you are not there.

Learn more about our room monitor by clicking here.

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