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Megan Fox Should Have Come To Us

We have the kind of security cameras and embedded DVRs that can protect you from theft.  And, if you ever do get robbed, you will have solid video evidence of the crimes taking place.  Megan Fox could have used our products as you can see below. Her home is one of several recent celebrity breakins.
The gang is alleged to have broken into properties belonging to Mean Girls star Li-Lo, Transformers actress Megan and fellow A-lister Orlando Bloom, among others, after scouring gossip websites for information about the celebrities' possessions and whereabouts.

Police said the gang made a wish list of designer clothes and jewellery, then raided the homes while celebrities were away.

After watching a home, they would break into poorly protected properties through doors, windows and, in one case, a dodgy door.

Reality star Paris Hilton was one of the victims of the gang. Police said the gang stole two million US dollars-worth of jewellery from her, which they carried away in the socialite's Louis Vuitton bag.

The suspects include 18-year-olds Rachel Lee, Courtney Ames and Alexis Neiers, and Diana Tamayo, 19.

Additionally, 18-year-old Nicholas Prugo was arrested last month in the same case on suspicion of breaking into the homes of Lindsay and The Hills star Audrina Patridge. A sixth suspect, 27-year-old Ray Lopez Jr., was also arrested.

Police also sought Jonathan Ajar, also 27, for a variety of offences, including receiving stolen property and possession of a firearm.

Prosecutors have filed residential burglary charges against Neiers, Ames, Tamayo and Lopez Jr. They declined to file charges against Lee, pending further investigation, and additional charges will be filed against Prugo, who had already been charged with burglaries at Lindsay and Audrina's homes.

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