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Outdoor Motion Light is the Perfect Gift For a Homeowner

If you are having trouble finding the right gift for someone, you should consider our outdoor motion light DVR.

The Perfect Gift for Any Homeowner

If someone has a home, they want to protect it.  The outdoor motion light DVR gives someone an easy and efficient way to protect their home.

Record On Motion Detection

Unit records on motion detection to an SD card hidden inside. Using passive IR technology, when there is motion in front of the motion light, the it begins recording.  You have set it for the light to come on as well, or for the light to stay off for a more covert operation.

Fully Functional Motion Light with Spy Camera

The motion light is fully functional and can be set to turn on with motion light a normal motion light you would find at the store.  The big difference is, however, that this also records full motion color video when motion is detected as well.  Recorded video is easily downloaded to your computer for archiving, emailing, uploading, etc.

Learn more about the motion light DVR by clicking here.

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