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Phone Manager Stores Thousands of Incoming and Outgoing Phone Numbers

If you're tired of normal caller id units that only store 25 or 50 numbers, then you need our phone manager.  It stores a whopping 2000 incoming and 2000 outgoing phone numbers.

Connects to Any Wall Jack On The Line

You can connect the Phone Manager to any wall jack on the phone line you want to monitor.  Once on the line, it will monitor all of the phones on that line. It will log the 2000 most recent incoming and 2000 most recent outgoing information on phone calls.  Please note that incoming number features requires caller ID from your phone provider.

Stores Thousands of Numbers

If you need a lot of storage, then the Phone Manager is for you.  It stores the 2000 most recent incoming call information and the 2000 most recent outgoing call information.

Learn more about our phone manager by clicking here or following the link below.

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