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Car Remote DVR is Our Most Portable Hidden DVR

If you are looking our most portable body worn hidden camera DVR, then look no further than our car remote DVR.

Totally Self Contained

There are absolutely no external wires.  Everything is contained inside of a normal size car remote (the kind you would use to unlock your car doors).  The camera, rechargeable battery, and DVR are all hidden inside.

Incredibly Small Size

You won't find a smaller self contained hidden camera.  Everything fits inside of a normal size car remote.

Easy One Button Operation

All you have to do is a press a single button to begin recording.  Press that same button again to stop. 

Easily Download Recorded Footage To Your Computer

Simply connect it to your computer's USB port using the INCLUDED USB cable.  Videos download easily in seconds.  Play video using your computer's normal media player (Windows Media Player, Quicktime, Winamp, etc).

Learn more about our car remote DVR by clicking here.

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