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12 Volt DVR Great For Vehicles

If you've been looking for a mobile and portable DVR for your vehicle, then we have the DVR for you.  Our SSC-758 12 Volt DVR has everything you are looking for in a small DVR.

Easily Connect to a Vehicle 12 Volt DC Power Source

The DVR can connect to any 12 Volt DC power source.  This includes a vehicle's power system or any other 12 volt battery or solar panel.  The package includes adapters to connect the DVR to a 12 volt DC power source.  It also includes the AC power adapter for plugging into a regular outlet if you wish.

Low Power Consumption

It has less than 100ma power consumption so it helps your batteries last longer.

Small Size 

The entire DVR is less than 5" x 4" x 2".  This makes it easily hidden behind or under a seat, in the trunk, or any other number of hidden places.

Record Automatically When Vehicle Starts or Record On Motion Detection 

DVR can be set to automatically record whenever power is supplied.  This means that you can easily set the DVR to record when the vehicle is running.  You may also set the DVR to record on motion detection.

Learn more about our 12 volt DVR for vehicles here.

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