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DVR Pen Perfect Tool For Private Investigators and Police Departments

The DVR Pen is one of our most popular products. With its built-in rechargeable battery, color camera, video and audio recording, timedate stamp, and entirely self contained operation, it can't be beat. All you have to do is stick the pen in your pocket, and press the tiny, hidden, record button. Easily playback the recorded footage on your computer.

Perfect For A Private Investigator

If you're tailing someone and need to record video and audio, the DVR pen is an invaluable tool. The pen is fully functioning. So even if someone comes across it or uses it, they still will not know it is a hidden spy camera. Put the pen in your pocket, hit record, and begin your surveillance.  There isn't an easier product for video surveillance on the market.

Perfect For a Police Department or Officer

With frivolous lawsuits everywhere we turn, the last thing a police department needs is to have to defend itself when they know they did nothing wrong.  You can avoid any he said she said testimonies by having documented video and audio proof of the events that take place.

The DVR pen fits easily in a police uniform pocket.  Document the video and audio of all your interactions with citizens and perps to avoid any potential issues down the road.


  • Small size
  • Records color video from built-in camera
  • Records audio from built-in microphone
  • Fully function pen - you can actually write with it
  • Easy one button operation
  • Built-in rechargeable battery
  • Entirely self contained - no external wires or battery packs
  • Timedate stamp on recorded video
  • Download recordings to your computer for playback, storage, archival, emailing, etc
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