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Handheld Portable Setup Monitor is Great For Installers

Good setup monitors are hard to find out there - until now.  Our new portable setup monitor gives you crisp, clear, color picture right in the palm of your hand.  It is battery operated to keep your operation as clutter-free as possible. We also offer this monitor at a price that just can't be beat.

Fits In The Palm of Your Hand

This setup monitor fits easily in your hand.  It is not heavy or bulky, but slim and compact.  If you're in the field and need a quick view of a camera or video signal, then this monitor is for you.

Crisp, Clear, Color Picture

The LCD display on the monitor gives you a picture you'll have to see to believe.  Colors are true, definition is clear, and movement is smooth.  This monitor gives you an absolutely great picture.

Battery Operated From Internal Batteries

You don't want to have to deal with wires or cords any more than you have to.  That is exactly why this monitor is battery operated.  4 AAA batteries fit inside of the unit for an easily, clean, solution to your setup monitor needs.

A Price That Can't Be Beat

One of the best selling points of our handheld setup monitor is the price.  Many setup monitors cost upwards of $100 or $200.  This one is yours for less than $50.  Try beating that anywhere else on the internet.

Learn more about our handheld setup monitor by clicking here or clicking on the product link below.

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